Cosim Sayid: Teaching

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Discussion between Cosim Sayid and a student in Rutgers-Newark’s Merck Summer Bioethics Program on Bernard Williams’ ‘Moral Responsibility and Political Freedom

Most recently, at Princeton University, Cosim taught in the introduction to metaphysics and epistemology as head preceptor; he previously gave instruction in introductory ethics.

Cosim’s prior teaching as a grad student, was mainly at CUNY York College, where he was sole instructor for several courses, including introductory philosophy (from a wide range of texts) and informal logic. Cosim also gave a course in some core texts of Western Civilization (from literature, science, philosophy, and political thought) as well as taught in a summer workshop at Rutgers – Newark for high school students (many of whom will shortly go on to be the first in their families to attend college). Further, Cosim taught philosophy of law as an upper-division seminar. At CUNY York College, Cosim also taught an introductory course in American Government in the Political Science Department. In the Math Department, Cosim was Quantitative Reasoning Fellow.


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